Yarbrough & Peoples burst onto the music scene with the million-selling single "Don't Stop the Music," thier irresistable brand of synth-based R&B/funk that was ahead of its time then, and through the years has become a musical brand that still sets Yarbrough & Peoples apart as a dance music force the world over!!!!!


Yarbrough & Peoples

-The Music Never Stops

Cavin Yarbrough and Alisa Peoples both started entertaining at an early age. Their musical experiences were in Gospel music, singing in churches and in the living rooms of their family homes. Alisa played the organ for her church. and attended workshops conducted by the late Rev. James Cleveland. She also participated in the COGIC Mass Choir under the direction of Sis. Mattie Moss Clark. and with the community choir, The Texas Northeast Gospel Chorale Ensemble. She also sang with her siblings - the Peoples Singers in various churches and venues.

Cavin followed his dreams and toured with Leon Russell as background singer - where he met Charlie Wilson and the Wilson brothers. After returning to Dallas, Texas - he played and sang in bands that were always in high demand. Eventually, he formed a band that included a female singer who happened to be his lifetime friend, Alisa. While Alisa and Cavin were performing in Dallas, the GAP Band came through, and Cavin grabbed the opportunity to let Charlie hear their demo.

Charlie then introduced the duo to Lonnie Simmons, who then invited the two to go to Los Angeles and their R&B career began with their first single, Grammy Award nominated "Don't Stop the Music" topping the charts and staying in the #1 Billboard position for 11 weeks and sampled by more than 22 artists the likes of which include Puff Daddy & The Family (Don’t Stop What You’re Doin’- which also appeared in the movie Soul Food); Shaquille O’Neal (I’m Outstanding -which appeared in the movie High School High); Eve & Alicia Keys (Gangsta’ Loving); Phat Pat (Tops Keep Droppin‘)…and many others.

They recorded four albums, which housed top 10 singles such as Guilty, I Wouldn't Lie, Be A Winner and more. They appeared on television shows including American Bandstand, The Merv Griffin Show, Soul Train, Solid Gold, Kassey Kassem, Top of the Pops and many more, and were judges on Puttin' on the Hits and Star Search. They have received many, many awards including the Jack the Rapper Award and several BMI Awards. They continued to record and produce music after returning home to Dallas, through their Production Company - Yarbrough & Peoples Productions. However, their entertainment careers broadened to stage plays and theatrical entertainment - and they performed as actors and music arrangers in New York Off-Broadway and the Guggenheim Museum, and toured the UK with the stage play Blind Lemon Blues (which was nominated for the Audelco Award).

They have now completed their very first Gospel CD with God-inspired songs of encouragement and wisdom. Like the CD’s before, this CD is loaded with awesome bass riffs and beautiful harmonies…the sounds of Yarbrough & Peoples! "I'm In" is their first single, and it epitomizes where their hearts are today. Get your copy today: I tunes | CDBaby

They have truly gone full circle, and their relationship with God is shouted from the rooftops in praise for the Grace, Mercy and Love that HE has always shown them. Their lives are a testimony their journey - one that is heard through their writing, their singing and their music.

God Bless! - Cavin & Lois

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  • I'm In...I'm All the Way In!

    I'm In...I'm All the Way In! | Debut single from their upcoming Gospel CD - A head-turning, motivating and uplifting song by Yarbrough and Peoples - done in their own "unique" style which was made famous by their Grammy nominated R&B hit, "Don't Stop the Music".

    Get your copy today: iTunes | CDBaby

  • The Best of Yarbrough & People's

    The Best of Yarbrough & People's | Alisa Peoples and Calvin Yarbrough's music is like a breath of fresh air — a perfect fusion of soul, disco, and pop. Their manager and producer Lonnie Simmons never lets the sound get too heavy or too light. The pleasantries include "Don't Stop the Music," "Heartbeats," "Be a Winner," and "Come to Me." A scrumptious compilation that will spin for hours on your CD player.
    Get your copy today: iTunes | Amazon | CD Universe

  • The Two of Us

    "The Two of Us
    " -Yarbrough & People's | The debut album by the R&B duo Yarbrough & Peoples. It was released in 1980 on Mercury Records, and contained the couple's biggest hit, "Don't Stop the Music", which went to #1 on the R&B charts, #26 on the dance charts, and #19 on the pop charts. The album peaked at #1 on the R&B Charts and #16 on the pop charts produced by Total Experience Records.
    Get your copy of this Legendary CD today available here: Amazon | CD Universe

  • Guilty

    " -Yarbrough & People's | Get your copy of this Legendary CD today available here: iTunes | Amazon | CD Universe

  • Be a Winner

    "Be a Winner
    " -Yarbrough & People's | Get your copy of this Legendary CD today available here: iTunes | CD Universe

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